Status attributes

The following status information appears across the top level of the page in the Site-Wide Analysis Tool screen.

Environment: It shows the current environment of your Adobe Commerce website. Currently, there are only two possible environments that can be displayed on the Site-Wide Analysis Tool screen: Production and Staging. The Production environment is the live environment for launching and maintaining the live site. The Staging environment is where services are tested before launching on the live website.

Status: It shows the status of your Adobe Commerce website. It can be “Live and Stable” or “Dev in Progress”. “Live and Stable” means that the website is live and running. “Dev in Progress” means that the website is under development.

Health Index Bar: It measures overall site health from 0 to 100, where zero is worst, and 100 is perfect health. It’s calculated based on the quantity and priority weight coefficient of active recommendations.

Download Recommendations Report: Recommendations Report provides personalized recommendations applicable to your project. You can download a PDF report by clicking on this section.