Features tabs

The following features tabs information appears across the top end of the Site-Wide Analysis Tool screen.

Dashboard: The Dashboard page shows widgets that contain the current Recommendations, Upgrade Compatibility, Security Scan, Extensions, and NewRelic Alerts for the current status of your Adobe Commerce website. There is also a list of External Resources links for Adobe Commerce, including the Adobe Commerce Help Center Support Knowledge Base (Help Center), Adobe Commerce Developer Documentation (DevDocs), Quality Patches Tool: Search for patches, Security Center, and Observation for Adobe Commerce (OAC).

Information: The Information page displays overview information regarding the site.
The General Information area displays merchant site base data, displays Contact owner, Jira issues (Internal use only), and Report Tickets sections.
The Adobe Commerce area displays Site Details, Products, Project & Integration links, Account, and Service and Components sections.

Recommendations: The Recommendations page displays site Best Practice Recommendations. Best Practice Recommendations (Issues found and Recommendations to fix) are sorted by priority - P0 (Critical) to P4 (Notification).
The Best Practice Recommendations include Best Practice Recommendation Description, Recommendation, Site Impact, Root Cause, Scenarios/Preconditions, and Tools Used.

Exceptions: The Exceptions page displays site log file errors/exceptions. Exceptions are sorted by Date/Time (UTC).
The Exceptions information includes Last Date Detected (UTC), Exception Detail, and Count (number of times) that the Exception occurred that day.

Extensions: The Extensions page displays the extensions currently installed on your Adobe Commerce instance. Adobe Commerce Marketplace information is provided, where available, for extensions listed there.

Alerts: The Alerts page displays the latest NewRelic Managed Alerts for the Adobe Commerce instance. Learn more about Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce and how to Access NewRelic services in the Adobe Commerce Support Knowledge Base.

Patches: The Patches page displays all the current patches from the Quality Patches Tool: Search for patches compatible with the merchant’s Adobe Commerce instance version. Learn more about the Quality Patches Tool: new tool to self-serve quality patches in the Adobe Commerce Support Knowledge Base.