Quality Patches Tool released: new tool to self-serve quality patches

Adobe has released the Quality Patches Tool for general availability - a tool that allows for applying, reverting, and viewing general information about quality patches available for your installed version of Adobe Commerce (both on-premises and on cloud infrastructure) or Magento Open Source.

The tool provides faster self-service issue resolution, allowing you to easily apply patches suggested by Adobe Commerce Support for issues you might experience with Adobe Commerce.

You should use the tool to pull in necessary quality fixes as needed on a case-by-case basis only and not as a long-term approach to maintaining Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source code. Upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source is still the best method for resolution of quality issues and should be prioritized.

Get and use Quality Patches Tool

The tool is available as a composer package. For Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure, the package is included in the ECE-Tools package.

Having installed the tool, you can check for available patches, apply or revert them any time.

Please refer to our developer documentation for details: