Data migration best practices

This section provides best recommendations to accelerate and simplify your migration and guidance about how much time it may take.

  • Use a copy of the database from a Magento 1 instance when performing migration testing. Do not use the production instance of your Magento 1 store database.

  • Remove outdated and redundant data from your Magento 1 database before migration.

Such data may include logs, order quotes, recently viewed or compared products, visitors, event-specific categories, and promotional rules.

  • Follow the general rules for successful migration.

  • To boost performance, enable the direct_document_copy option in your config.xml file:

    code language-xml
Both Magento 1 and Magento 2 databases must be located on the same MySQL server and the database account must have access to both databases.

Benchmarking estimates

Adobe has tested data migration on the following system:

  • Virtual Box VM, CentOS 6, 2.5 GB RAM, CPU 1 core 2.6 GHz
  • Database with 177,000 products, 355,000 orders, and 214,000 customers

Performance results

  • Settings migration time: ~10 minutes
  • Data migration time: ~9 hours (all data except URL rewrites, ~85% of total data)
  • Site downtime estimate: a few minutes to reindex and change DNS settings. Additional time required to warm up the page cache.