Cannot change search engine in app/etc/env.php

This article provides a solution to the issue where you try to remove the search engine configuration from the app/etc/env.php file, but after redeployment, the configuration reverts to the previous setting or is changed to OpenSearch by default.

Affected products and versions


You try to change the search engine in the Commerce Admin, but the fields are locked.


The search engine configuration is locked in the app/etc/env.php file, or the search engine is explicitly defined in the .magento.env.yaml file.


  1. Check the .magento.env.yaml file under the deploy stage and see whether the SEARCH_CONFIGURATION variable has been configured. Example:

    code language-yaml
      engine: elasticsearch7
  2. Is the SEARCH_CONFIGURATION variable present? If not present, the search engine configuration is locked to OpenSearch by default. To change the configuration, you must add the variable to the .magento.env.yaml file with the appropriate value for the search engine. If the SEARCH_CONFIGURATION variable is present and you wish to modify the engine, replace the existing value for the engine in .magento.env.yaml. Possible/known values: opensearch, livesearch, elasticsuite, amasty_elastic, and amasty_elastic_opensearch.

  3. Redeploy the instance.

  4. The search engine field in the Admin will remain locked, but it should get updated with the value you have specified.