Rearrange cloud branches on Adobe Commerce

This article provides the steps you could take to re-arrange cloud branches on Adobe Commerce, if they are not organized according to the correct hierarchy. If you do not have the branches organized in correct hierarchy, you will not be able to merge to the correct parent branch - it will go to the existing parent branch.

Affected products and versions:

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure, 2.3.0-2.3.7-p2, 2.4.0-2.4.3-p1

Cloud branches organization

The correct hierarchy organization for your branches is:

  • Master [main] > Production > Staging > Integration
  • Master [main] > Production > Staging > Integration2

Solution for incorrect cloud branches organization

To re-arrange cloud branches:

  1. You must have the Super User role.
  2. Install the magento-cloud CLI (if you have not done so).
  3. Run the following command for the branches that need to be moved:
    magento-cloud environment:info -e <branch to move> parent <target parent>

Note: You can specify the parent branch when creating a new branch. For steps, refer to Getting Starter creating branches in our developer documentation.

You can create a new environment branch using the branch <environment-name> <parent-environment-ID> magento-cloud environment command.

It may take some additional time to create and activate a new environment branch.

Manage branches with the CLI in our developer documentation.