New domain is redirecting to default domain

This article provides a fix for the issue where the new domain redirects to the default domain in the existing or different environment.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud pro infrastructure (all versions)


The new domain is redirecting to the default domain in the current environment or the default domain of another environment.


It happens when the Variables are not updated after adding a new domain or the wrong Fastly service has been configured in the environment.


  1. If the domain is redirecting within the same environment, make sure that you have configured the Variables.
  2. If the domain is redirecting to another environment, check whether you have configured the correct Fastly service by running the following command: bin/magento fastly:conf:get -s
You can find the Fastly API credentials by logging in to each environment (Staging/Production) and checking the /mnt/shared/fastly_tokens.txt file. For more information, see configure Fastly services in the Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Guide.

If both the above configurations are correct, submit a support ticket.