Cron readiness check issues

This article provides solutions for cron readiness issues. The following are symptoms of cron issues:

  • An error message about the PHP setting $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA displays even though it’s set properly.
  • The PHP readiness check doesn’t display the PHP version as the following figure shows:
  • The following error displays in the Commerce Admin:
    To see the error, you might need to click System Messages at the top of the window as follows:

Check your existing crontab check-your-existing-crontab

This section discusses how to see if cron is currently running and verifying whether it’s set up properly.

To verify whether or not your crontab is set up:

  1. Log in to your Commerce server as, or switch to, the Magento file system owner.

  2. See if the following file exists: $ ls -al <magento_root>/var/.setup_cronjob_status. If the file exists, cron has run successfully in the past. If the file does not exist, either you haven’t yet installed Adobe Commerce or cron isn’t running. In either case, continue with the next step.

  3. Get more detail about cron. As a user with root privileges, enter the following command: $ crontab -u <Magento file system owner name> -l. For example, on CentOS $ crontab -u magento_user -l. If no crontab has been set up for the user, the following message displays: no crontab for magento_user. Your crontab tells you the following:

    • What PHP binary you’re using (in some cases, you have more than one)
    • What Adobe Commerce cron scripts you’re running (in particular, the paths to those scripts)
    • Where your cron logs are located

    See one of the following sections for a solution to your issue.

Solution: crontab not set up solution-crontab-not-set-up

To verify your cron jobs are set up properly, see Set up cron jobs in our developer documentation.

Solution: cron running from incorrect PHP binary solution-cron-running-from-incorrect-php-binary

If your cron job uses a PHP binary different from the web server plug-in, PHP settings errors might display. To resolve the issue, set identical PHP settings for both the PHP command line and the PHP web server plug-in.

For more information about PHP settings, see Required PHP settings in our developer documentation.

Solution: cron running with errors solution-cron-running-with-errors

Try running each command manually because the command might display helpful error messages. See Set up cron jobs in our developer documentation.

You must run cron at least twice for the job to execute; the first time to queue jobs, the second time to execute the jobs.