Adobe Commerce Fastly troubleshooter

This Fastly troubleshooter for Adobe Commerce users will guide you to the solutions, based on your response about the symptoms you see. Click on the questions to see the next options or answers.

Step 1 - Verify Fastly service step-1

Customer reports a problem involving Fastly. Is the Fastly service down?
a. YES – Check Fastly Service Status, and submit an Adobe Commerce support ticket.
b. NO – Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Check VCL configuration file step-2

Do you have any errors when you run Backend Tester?

Run your project URL through the Backend Tester - Fastly. It shows the version of VCL configuration file, if the page is cacheable, the version of Fastly module and other useful troubleshooting information. Do you have any errors?

a. YES – You have the message Plugin VCL version is outdated! Please re-Upload. For the solution to this error, refer to Fastly Error: Plugin VCL version is outdated! Please re-Upload.
b. NO – Step 3.

Step 3 - Check for image optimization error step-3

Image optimization error?
a. YES – Error when enabling image optimization.
b. NO – Check DNS by running in the CLI/terminal: dig [your] + short. Proceed to Step 4.

Step 4 - Verfy DNS step-4

What happens when you run dig?

When you ran dig did it return a record pointing to or one of the following IP addresses (see Update DNS configuration with production setting in our developer documentation):


a. YES – The issue is not DNS related. Proceed to Step 5.
b. NO – The issue is likely DNS related. The customer should check DNS configuration or contact their DNS provider for more information.

Step 5 - Confirm connection step-5

Do you get a "Connection Insecure" or "Not Secure" message returned when running curl -svo /dev/null "" in the CLI/terminal?
a. YES – This is likely a certificate issue. Visit the website in a browser and select the lock icon and look for a certificate expiration. Proceed to Step 6.
b. NO – Visit and share this information in an Adobe Commerce support ticket.

Step 6 - Confirm you have a valid TSL certificate step-6

Is the certificate expired?
a. YES – You need to renew your TLS certificate with the Certificate Authority (CA).
b. NO – You may not have a certificate at all. If you have Adobe Commerce we recommend that you purchase a TLS certificate. If you are on Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure you can have a Domain-Validated Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate to serve secure HTTPS traffic from Fastly. See provision SSL/TLS certificates in our developer documentation.

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