New customers not displayed in Customer grid after CSV import

This article provides a fix for the issue when you cannot see new customers under Customers > All customers after an import from a .csv file. The solution is to set the customer_grid indexer to “Update on Save” mode and manually reindex the customer grid.

Affected versions

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.2.0 and later
  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure 2.2.0 and later


After importing new customers from a .csv file using the native Adobe Commerce import functionality, you might not be able to see the new customer records under Customers > All customers in the Admin until you manually reindex the customer_grid indexer.


The “Update on Schedule” indexing mode in Adobe Commerce 2.2.0 and later does not support the customer_grid indexer due to performance issues.


Configure the customer_grid indexer to be reindexed using the “Update on Save” mode. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Commerce Admin.
  2. Click System > Tools > Index Management.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Customer Grid indexer.
  4. In the Actions drop-down list, select Update on Save.
  5. Click Submit.

We also recommend manually reindexing the customer_grid indexer after configuring the indexing mode to ensure that the index is up to date and can work with cron. To manually reindex, use the following command:

bin/magento indexer:reindex customer_grid

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