Product is not displayed on storefront

This article provides solutions for when products are not displayed on storefront.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises X.X.X
  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure X.X.X


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to the Commerce Admin.

  2. Go to Catalog > Products.


  3. Click Add Product and go through the product creation process. Or import products from a CSV file.

Expected result:

Product is displayed on the storefront.

Actual result:

Product is not displayed.


This can be caused by a number of reasons. Please follow the steps below to check the main points that could help to identify and solve the problem.


Each of the following points might solve the issue.

  • Check product settings in Admin. Go to Catalog > Products, open the product page and make sure the following fields are correctly configured:

    • Enable Product = Yes.
    • Stock Status: In Stock. Or if Out of Stock is the correct value, make sure that Display Out of Stock Products (STORES > Settings > Configuration > CATALOG > Inventory > Stock Options > Display Out Of Stock Products) is set to Yes (configured on global level).
    • Categories: If you try to find the product on a category page, verify that the product is assigned to the category. To simplify troubleshooting, create a new category from the current page and assign a product to it.
    • Visibility = Catalog, Search.
    • In the Product in Websites section, make sure the product is assigned to the correct website.
    • Switch the scope selector to the store view where you try to find your product on the storefront, and verify the same settings.
  • Perform the full reindex, by running bin/magento indexer:reindex from the console, and flush all cache in the Admin, under System > Tools > Cache Management, or from the console by running bin/magento cache:clean.

  • If the above does not help, you can start further investigation by checking logs in the var/log directory.