Store credit issue during checkout in Adobe Commerce 2.3.5

This article provides a workaround for the known store credit-related issue during checkout in Adobe Commerce 2.3.5, where shoppers get errors during checkout after selecting and later removing store credit usage. A permanent fix will be available in Adobe Commerce 2.3.6.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.3.5
  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure 2.3.5


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Customer adds products to the cart and proceeds to checkout.
  2. Customer specifies store credit as payment method.
  3. Customer removes store credit and changes the payment method.
  4. Customer proceeds through checkout.

Expected results:

All order information is displayed correctly.

Actual results:

Adobe Commerce throws an error on the Order Summary section of the Order page.


Customers can refresh the Order page, and the information in the Order Summary will load correctly. A fix will be available in Adobe Commerce 2.3.6, which is scheduled for release in Q4 2020.

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