Allocate more space for MySQL in Adobe Commerce on cloud

Allocate space on Starter plan and Pro plan Integration

For all Starter plan environments and Pro plan Integration environment, you can allocate more space for MySQL in the .magento/services.yaml file, by increasing the mysql: disk: parameter. For example:

    type: mysql:10.0
    disk: 2048

See the Set up MySQL service article for reference.

Once you change the .magento/services.yaml file, you need to commit and push your changes, for them to be applied. The push will trigger the deployment process.

A Starter plan partition should never be made smaller (for example, going from 30GB to 20GB) as this will likely result in catastrophic data corruption.

Allocate space on Pro plan Staging or Production

To make these changes for the Staging or Production environment of the Pro plan, you must create a support ticket. When submitting a support ticket to increase storage, support will need to know how much and to what partition the storage should be applied to (/mysql or /exports). A storage increase request requires approval from your Adobe Account Team, who will review your entitled amount of storage (as per the order form) before approving.

Decreasing allocated space not available (Pro and Starter plan)

Adobe Commerce Support can grow a partition (/mysql or /exports), but cannot shrink a partition. There is risk of data corruption in doing so, that is why decreasing storage for a partition isn’t available.
It is also true for the Starter plan, where you can increase the allocated space yourself: decreasing is highly not recommended and might result in catastrophic data corruption.