Indexes invalidated and indexer_reindex_all_invalid run constantly

This article provides a possible workaround for the issue when your site has performance issues caused by constant reindexing. This is caused by the cron job indexer_reindex_all_invalid continuously running and caches cleaned on reindex.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce (cloud & on-premises) 2.4.0+ (As Category Permissions is an Adobe-Commerce-only feature, it will not affect Magento Open Source.)


In New Relic One error logs should show indexer_update_all_views running many times with a time > 1 second (i.e., it is processing something).


When the core Adobe Commerce importer is run (manually or by cron), then a set of plugins across multiple core modules are executed to determine what indexes should be invalidated.

The issue occurs when the Category Permissions module is enabled in the Commerce Admin. If this is true, then the module’s plugin always invalidates the Product & Category indexes (and linked indexes) when an import is executed. If the standard import types are examined, then they all affect Category Permissions. Invalidation is expected.

In addition, when a site has B2B modules enabled, if Shared Catalog is activated, it turns on and locks Category Permissions. Turning off Shared Catalog will unlock Category Permissions, but not switch it off.

Checking cron logs in your MySQL database:

If you login into your MySQL database, they can check your cron log for the reindex all indexes process.
This should appear many times, but the important factor is that the process does one of two possible things.

The process can only do one of these two things:

  1. Nothing: It would take 0 to 1 second (one second or less) - the process checks to see if it needs to do anything and then stops if it does not need to do anything.
  2. Reindex everything: It will always take time - usually minutes.

Normally you would want to see lots of occurrences of the process, but with an execution time of less than 1 second.
A merchant can therefore use this MySQL query to find transactions that take more than 1 second to run:

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND, executed_at, finished_at) AS period FROM cron_schedule WHERE job_code = 'indexer_reindex_all_invalid' HAVING period > 1

You can see how long a period is recorded by running:

SELECT executed_at FROM cron_schedule WHERE job_code = 'indexer_reindex_all_invalid' AND executed_at IS NOT NULL ORDER BY executed_at ASC LIMIT 1;

If this doesn’t give you a long enough period to make a proper assessment, then you can increase the time a successful cron process is kept in the log following this Cron (scheduled tasks) guide and increasing the Success History Lifetime value (the default is only 60 minutes).


Extend Magento\CatalogPermissions\Model\Indexer\Plugin\Import so that the afterImportSource method excludes the custom importer.

    public function afterImportSource(\Magento\ImportExport\Model\Import $subject, $import)
        if ($this->config->isEnabled() && $subject->getEntity() !== 'ENTITY_CODE') {
        return $import;

Where ENTITY_CODE is the value used for the entity name parameter in the import.xml file for the custom importer.

Configure cron jobs in the Adobe Commerce Operations Configuration Guide.