Troubleshoot upgrade compatibility tool errors

This article explains errors you may experience while using the Upgrade Compatibility Tool and provides solutions to fix those errors so that you can successfully execute the tool.

Affected products and versions

Segmentation fault error


When two modules have the same name, the Upgrade Compatibility Tool shows a segmentation fault error.


To avoid this error it is recommended to specify the path to the module as an argument:

bin/uct upgrade:check --current-version=2.4.4 path/to/the/module
The Upgrade Compatibility Tool may not be able to analyse the codebase if it contains circular dependency between methods.

Empty output

Steps to reproduce:

  1. If after running this command:

    code language-bash
    bin/uct upgrade:check INSTALLATION_DIR -c M2_VERSION
  2. The only output is Upgrade compatibility tool:

    code language-terminal
    bin/uct upgrade:check /var/www/project/magento/ -c 2.4.1
    Upgrade compatibility tool


The likely cause is a PHP memory limitation.

There are two possible solutions to avoid this PHP memory limitation.

Solution 1:

Override the memory limitation by setting memory_limit to -1:

php -d memory_limit=-1 /bin/uct upgrade:check INSTALLATION_DIR -c M2_VERSION
The M2_VERSION is the target Adobe Commerce version you want to compare to your Adobe Commerce instance.

Solution 2:

Adding the -m option allows the Upgrade Compatibility Tool to analyze each specific module independently to avoid encountering two modules with the same name in your Adobe Commerce instance.

This command option also allows the Upgrade Compatibility Tool to analyze a folder containing several modules:

bin/uct upgrade:check /<dir>/<instance-name> -m /vendor/<vendor-name>/

See the Run the tool in a command-line interface page for more information on command-line interface options.