Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.9 overview

This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.9.

QPT v1.1.9 includes the following patches:

  1. MDVA-37984: Fixes the issue where the Visual Merchandiser Match product by rule functionality does not correctly filter products with staging updates.
  2. MDVA-38346: Fixes the issue where date filters are not working properly when the Adobe Commerce timezone is different from the local environment timezone.
  3. MDVA-38526: Fixes the issue where the admin user is not able to access the Site-Wide Analysis tool.
  4. MDVA-38626: Fixes the issue where the admin user is not able to place an order on the backend using the PayPal Payflow Pro payment.
  5. MDVA-38666: Fixes the issue where the admin user is not able to change the configurable product options in the customer’s cart.
  6. MDVA-39163: Fixes the issue where shipping methods are not available when a new user is registered and products in the cart are from the guest session.
  7. MDVA-40488: Fixes the issue where configurable products with out-of-stock child products are not shown in their correct price range.
  8. MDVA-42507: Fixes the issue where the full-page cache is cleaned after applying staging update for the cart rule.
  9. MDVA-42657: Fixes the issue where the admin user is unable to select categories in the customer segment conditions.
  10. MDVA-42806: Fixes the issue where a New company registration email is sent each time an existing company is updated via REST API.

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