Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.4.2: product image missing

This article describes a known Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.4.2 issue where the product image is not uploaded to the product page. This issue is scheduled to be addressed in a future version after version 2.4.3. There is not a solution available at this time, but as a workaround, you can disable Nginx to resize images.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.4.2


The product image is saved in the s3 bucket, but it is not synced back to the pub/media directory. This issue only happens when using both:

  • Site-enabled Nginx to resize images
  • AWS s3 as media storage


Adobe Commerce installed with Nginx.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Configure Adobe Commerce to use AWS s3 as media storage.
  2. Configure Nginx using the nginx.conf.sample configuration file provided in the Adobe Commerce installation directory and an Nginx virtual host. See Configure Nginx in our developer documentation.
  3. Create a simple product with one product image.
  4. Nginx has an uncommented configuration for image resizing in nginx.conf.sample similar to this:
load_module /etc/nginx/modules/;
location /media/ {
    location ~* ^/media/catalog/.* {
        set $width "-";
        set $height "-";
        if ($arg_width != '') {
            set $width $arg_width;
        if ($arg_height != '') {
            set $height $arg_height;
        image_filter resize $width $height;
        image_filter_jpeg_quality 90;

Expected results:

The product image is uploaded to the product page.

Actual results:

The product image is not uploaded to the product page.


Disable Nginx to resize images.