How to include a team member in Support notifications

This article provides an explanation of how to include a team member to automatically receive Support updates via email notifications.

Affected products and versions


  • The team member has not been added to the cloud project with the necessary privileges.
  • The team member does not have a Support account.


  1. Go to the Cloud Project URL (Example:
  2. Verify whether the team member has been added to the project and is a Super User.

If they do not require cloud project access, submit a Support Request at the Adobe Commerce Support Center to automatically CC: them on all tickets, and also provide their MAGE ID (if available).

If they have not been added to the project, you will need to add them as a Super User and grant Shared Access:

If they have been added to the cloud project, but don’t have the Super User role, update their role accordingly in Manage user access.

Former team members receive Adobe Commerce cloud notification emails