Former team members receive Adobe Commerce cloud notification emails

This article provides a solution for where team members that are no longer associated with your project continue to receive notifications.


A notice of a detected outage or important issue regarding the cloud project/environment has been sent to your team. This includes members that may no longer be associated with your project such as external/agency developers or system integrators. You want these users to stop receiving notifications.


There are two ways to stop the notifications by removing the user(s) from your project:

  • Method 1: Using the cloud Project URL. Refer to Manage user access in the Commerce on cloud infrastructure guide for steps.
  • Method 2: Using the magento-cloud CLI. Refer to Manage users with the CLI in the Commerce on cloud infrastructure guide for steps.

If this has already been done and yet the email notifications continue to include those users, submit a support ticket to request that they be removed from the Always CC setting on the account.