Deployment issues relating to account permissions and access keys

This article provides a solution for issues with deploying Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure caused by access key ownership conflict.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure, all supported versions



The Cloud license is associated with Contact A (email address: first@e.mail)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Contact A created Adobe Commerce access keys on their account (Key X) and installed them on the Cloud.
  2. Contact B (email address: second@e.mail) purchased an extension using his account and created the access keys for installing the extension (Key Y).
  3. Contact A then left the company, and the license (ownership) was then transferred to Contact B.
  4. System integrator tries to install the extension on the cloud environment using Key X.

Expected result:

Extension is successfully installed.

Actual result:

Extension is not installed because deployment fails.


Both keys are assigned to the contact role, which causes a conflict.


If a deployment failed after a change was made to the Primary Contact on the account (with both the original account and the new account each having their own access keys), and the keys have been transferred from the original account to the new account, you need to disable the keys from the original account. In terms of the example above, the key X should be disabled.

How to disable the access key

If you do not have access to the Commerce Marketplace account associated with the old key, contact Adobe Commerce Support to have the key disabled.

If you have access to the Marketplace account associated with the old key, take the following steps to disable the key:

  1. Log in to the Commerce Marketplace using the credentials from the old account.

  2. Click the account name in the top-right of the page and select My Profile.

  3. Click Access Keys in the Marketplace tab.


  4. Click Disable next to the access key.