salesRule labels issues when upgrade from versions < 2.4.5

The salesRule label staging functionality was introduced in Adobe Commerce 2.4.5. The change may potentially lead to issues when you upgrade from Adobe Commerce < 2.4.5 to any version >= 2.4.5. After the upgrade, there is a possibility that salesRule labels are mismatched. To address the problem, a patch should be applied right after the upgrade to a newer Adobe Commerce version.

Affected products and versions

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure < 2.4.5


Use the following attached patch:

How to apply the patch

  1. Follow the steps in Perform an upgrade in the Commerce guide.
  2. Apply the attached patch prior to the Update metadata phase.
    (You can also apply the patch after you have completed the Update metadata phase but then you need to run bin/magento setup:upgrade once again).
  3. Proceed with the rest of the steps in Perform an upgrade.