Getting thousands of results when looking for a particular product

This article provides a solution to the issue where you are getting thousands of search results when you are looking for a particular product.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce all versions with ElasticSearch installed


You are looking for a particular product (for example, WSH12-32-Red) but the search returns lots of similar products.


The nature of a full-text search in ElasticSearch is based on relevance, not exact matching. So most relevant matches (like exact matched SKU) are ordered first.

However, if you need a search result that matches exactly with your search term (exact match), you should use quotes for your search query. For example, query for WSH12-32-Red without quotes will return several results with the exact match (product with SKU WSH12-32-Red) appearing first in the result. But quoted query “WSH12-32-Red” will return only one exact match result.