Adobe Commerce 2.4.2 B2B: email template not updating email

This article describes a known Adobe Commerce 2.4.2 B2B issue where updating some information in an email template is not updated in emails. This issue impacts email contents such as customer info, currency rates, currency symbol, email template change, etc. There is not a solution available at this time, but there is a workaround at the bottom of this article.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.4.2
  • Adobe Commerce cloud infrastructure 2.4.2
  • B2B 1.3.1


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Company Admin creates a PO (Purchase Order) in the frontend.
  2. Check the Auto-Approved email. The customer name / currency rate should be expected values.
  3. Change currency symbol (Stores > Configuration > Currency Setup > Currency Options) in Admin and company admin name on the Customer Account page.
  4. Customer Admin creates another PO in Admin.
  5. Check the Auto-Approved email.

Expected results:

The customer name and currency symbol are changed in emails, and have their new values as expected.

Actual results:

The customer name and currency symbol are not changed in emails, and have their previous values.


Manually run the cron job or consumer to propagate the new information.