Redirect back to the Commerce Admin login form with “Your account is temporarily disabled” error

This article provides the possible solutions for the Commerce Admin login issue, where you are redirected back to the login form with the following error message: “Your account is temporarily disabled”. The suggested solution is checking and correcting the admin user database settings.

Affected editions and versions:

All Adobe Commerce versions and editions


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Commerce Admin page.
  2. Enter your credentials and click Sign in.

Expected result:

You get logged in to the Commerce Admin.

Actual result:

You are redirected back to the login form, with the following error message displayed: “Your account is temporarily disabled. Please try again later”.


  1. Create a database backup.
  2. Use a database tool such as phpMyAdmin, or access the DB manually from the command line. In the admin_user database table, for your admin user record, check if is_active is set to “1” and lock_expires is NULL. Reset these values, if required.