Overview: Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.36

This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.36.

QPT v1.1.36 includes the following patches:

  1. ACSD-53239: Fixes the issue where the inventory indexer cleans all caches in the Update on Schedule mode.
  2. ACSD-50887: Fixes the issue where the product attribute property Use in Search Results Layered Navigation can be set to Yes without the Use in search option set to Yes.
  3. ACSD-51846: Fixes the Internal Error issue that happens because not all levels of REST API payload are validated.
  4. ACSD-52906: Fixes the issue where the X-Magento-Vary cookie is set incorrectly for logged-in customers that belong to the same customer segment causing improper caching for some pages.
  5. ACSD-52736: Fixes the issue where a Cart Price Rule that includes requirements for configurable product quantity does not work as expected.
  6. ACSD-47875: Fixes the issue where admin users are not able to add a product to a customer cart from the Admin for a particular store view scope with inventory management.
  7. ACSD-53176: Fixes the issue where Related Product Rule with is one of condition does not match products.
  8. ACSD-51666: Fixes the error: The session has expired, please login again. that happens after a customer tries to log in.

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