Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.5 overview

This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.5.

QPT v1.1.5 includes the following patches:

  1. MDVA-31763: Fixes the issue where catalog price rules are reverted (or not applied) until manual reindex.
  2. MDVA-37748: Fixes the issue where a GraphQL query returns products not assigned to a shared catalog.
  3. MDVA-39229: Fixes the issue which causes the following error to appear after updating Catalog rule Staging Update start time: Cron Job staging_synchronize_entities_period has an error: The active update can’t be deleted.
  4. MDVA-40545: Fixes the issue where only the first node for a page was retrieved even if there was more than one node for the same page.
  5. MDVA-40619: Fixes the issue where changes to CMS page hierarchy cause a 500 error when attempting to do inline editing on a CMS page.
  6. MDVA-41046: Fixes the issue where simple products with custom options are available for assigning to configurable/grouped products.
  7. MDVA-41061: Fixes the issue where stock status resets to salable when a product is saved from the Admin.
  8. MDVA-41164: Fixes the issue where an admin user is not able to save or edit a Company with a file or image type custom customer attribute.
  9. MDVA-41236: Fixes the issue where it is impossible to create a new or edit an existing scheduled update for a product if the End Date has been previously removed.

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