Deployment stuck with “Unable to upload the application to the remote cluster” error

This article provides a solution for the Adobe Commerce issue, where deployment gets stuck, and the following error message can be found in the deploy log: “Error: Unable to upload the application to the remote cluster”.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure, all versions


Steps to reproduce:

Trigger deployment manually or by performing a merge, push, or synchronization of your environment.

Expected result:

Deployment is completed successfully.

Actual result:

Deployment gets stuck, and in the deployment error log in cloud UI, the following error message is displayed: “Error: Unable to upload the application to the remote cluster” found in deploy log after failed deployment, site may display error “503 first byte timeout”.


The problem is caused by the outage of available storage.


You can consider cleaning the log directories and/or increasing disk space.

Directories that be considered for clean up:

  • var/log
  • var/report
  • var/debug/
  • var

For details on how to increase disk space if you are on the Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure Starter plan architecture, see Increase disk space for Integration environment on cloud in our support knowledge base. The same instructions can be used for increasing the space of the Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure Pro plan architecture Integration environment. For Pro Production/Staging, you need to file a ticket to Adobe Commerce Support and request increased disk space. But typically, you will not have to deal with this on the Staging/Production of the Pro plan as Adobe Commerce monitors these parameters for you and alerts and/or takes actions according to the contract.