Can I schedule Content Staging updates for prices in a shared catalog?

Adobe Commerce does not offer the functionality of scheduling a price update (Content Staging) for one or more products in a shared catalog.

That means you cannot schedule such a price update directly from the Set Pricing and Structure menu of the Commerce Admin panel (there is no Schedule New Update button in this menu).

Still, you may use alternative methods and schedule a price update for:

  • a customer group
  • the product’s base price

Schedule price update for a customer group

  1. Start scheduling a new product update.

  2. Scroll down to the Price field and click Advanced Pricing.

    advanced_pricing.png {width="600"}

  3. In the Customer Group Price section, select the needed Customer Group and set the updated price.

    customer_group_price.png {width="700"}

  4. Finish scheduling the update as usual.

In this workflow, you can only update the price for a single product; bulk price update is not available.

Remember: shared catalogs leverage the customer group pricing.

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Schedule price update for the base price

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