Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.12 overview

This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.12.

QPT v1.1.12 includes the following patches:

  1. MDVA-39546: Fixes the issue where the start date for staging update could be set to an earlier date than the current date during editing.
  2. MDVA-39713: Fixes the issue where the user is able to edit the start time for an active scheduled update.
  3. MDVA-39993: Fixes the issue where inventory changes done through API do not reflect on the product page on the frontend.
  4. MDVA-41136: Fixes the issue where the expiration date of the mage-cache-sessid is not extended, resulting in customer data cleanup.
  5. MDVA-41229: Fixes the issue where images available on the backend do not display on the frontend after configurable products import.
  6. MDVA-41628: Fixes the issue where existing restricted admin users get access to the new resources when new modules are added.
  7. MDVA-42410: Fixes the issue where coupon reports display only the default base currency.
  8. MDVA-42645: Fixes the issue where the Admin cannot refund reward points if store credit functionality is disabled.
  9. MDVA-42689: Fixes the issue where Adobe Commerce throws an Integrity Constraint Violation error while updating product categories during import.
  10. MDVA-42855: Fixes the issue where a new customer address is not saved to the address book during checkout.
  11. MDVA-42950: Fixes the issue where videos don’t play on the product page.
  12. MDVA-43232: Fixes the issue where sorting products in Visual Merchandiser by Special Price To Bottom/Top causes an error while saving the category.
  13. MDVA-43348: Fixes the issue where gift card GraphQL request shows an error if gift_card_options contain uid.
  14. MDVA-43414: Fixes the PHP fatal error that occurs when running the inventory.reservations.updateSalabilityStatus queue consumer on numerical SKUs.
  15. MDVA-43726: Fixes the issue where the Catalog price rule based on store-level attribute match fails to apply after partial reindex.
  16. MDVA-43731: Fixes the issue where Search Synonyms no longer work when value is added in Minimum Terms to Match.

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