Adobe Commerce 2024 release schedule

In 2023 we updated our release strategy to expand the support window, provide more security updates, and accelerate innovation adoption. Heading into 2024, we are continuing our efforts to provide better support for mission critical customer needs and have published our release schedule to provide our customers time to plan and budget resources for the coming year. To help summarize the changes, we look at the 2023 and 2024 strategy to determine what is staying the same and what is changing.

What stays the same

  • Core patch releases remain focused on security, performance improvements, GraphQL coverage, high severity bugs fixes making upgrades and maintenance easier and more cost effective.
  • New features are released as independent SaaS services for rapid, scalable, and performant delivery of powerful B2B and B2C commerce capabilities.
  • One full core patch release in April 2024 – Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 – with an expanded three-year support window allowing our customers to get more value out of each deployment.
  • Accelerated innovation through API-first extensibility that provides new ways to integrate, customize, and deploy new features.

What Changes

  • For 2024 we are increasing to five security-only patch releases, for all currently supported Adobe Commerce versions to keep your business secure and compliant.
  • We will remove our two-week pre-release period in order to provide earlier access to the newest version of the platform through beta releases up to six months in advance.

Incorporating these strategy changes, our 2024 release calendar includes five releases which can be reviewed on our Release Schedule on Adobe Experience League.

We hope you use this schedule in your annual planning cycles to better prepare and allocate resources around these release windows. For more upgrade planning resources, visit our Overview of the upgrade process in our Upgrade Guide.