Overview: Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.33

This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.33.

QPT v1.1.33 includes the following patches:

  1. ACSD-50478: Fixes the database rollback command for a case when the DB dump contains triggers and a delimiter SQL command.
  2. ACSD-50512: Fixes the error: The downloadable link isn’t related to the product. Verify the link and try again. that happens when updating the start date for a downloadable product staging update.
  3. ACSD-50949: Fixes the issue where the price filter in Advanced Search doesn’t return proper results when used along the SKU filter.
  4. ACSD-51645: Fixes the error thrown when saving a new Cart Price Rule if the extension Magento_OfflineShipping is disabled.
  5. ACSD-50895: Fixes the issue where Google Analytics 3 GTM tags are not fired if Google Analytics 4 GTM is not configured.
  6. ACSD-51102: Fixes the issue where a catalog rule that is applied to a large number of products is not correctly indexed when the rule is enabled by a scheduled update.
  7. ACSD-50368: Fixes the issue where the customer’s group_id is ignored when a customer is created via Async REST API or Async Bulk REST API.
  8. ACSD-51497: Fixes the issue where a customer can’t sort a catalog page by Custom Attribute of the dropdown type.
  9. ACSD-51408: Fixes the issue where the order item status is incorrectly set to Backordered.
  10. ACSD-51735: Fixes the issue where the order item status is incorrectly set to Ordered when the product stock is 0.
  11. ACSD-51792: Fixes the issue where a page does not have the impression event when Google Tag Manager 4 is enabled.
  12. ACSD-51471: Fixes the issue where an admin user cannot save a scheduled update for a bundled product that uses a simple product that itself has a scheduled update.
  13. ACSD-51700: Fixes the error that happens when switching store views on a downloadable product edit page in the admin.
  14. ACSD-51120: Fixes the issue where GraphQL GET requests cache is not cleared for CMS pages that contain CMS blocks that are updated via a staging update.
  15. ACSD-51240: Fixes the issue where the uploaded file is missing if the registration is done via the company registration form.
  16. ACSD-51907: Fixes the issue where a restricted admin user cannot create a credit memo with an offline refund.
  17. ACSD-52148: Fixes the issue where the Google V3 reCAPTCHA Admin login fails occasionally.
  18. ACSD-51431: Fixes the issue where an indexer status is working even if there are no new entries in the changelog.
  19. ACSD-51892: Fixes the performance issue where config files load multiple times during deployment.

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