PWA Studio: Browser displays “Cannot proxy to“ error

This topic discusses a solution when your web browser displays a “Cannot proxy to” and the console displays an


error when using Progressive Web App (PWA) Studio for Adobe Commerce.

Affected products and versions

  • PWA Studio for Adobe Commerce


Step to reproduce:

  • Load your Adobe Commerce store in a browser.

Expected result:

  • The Adobe Commerce store loads normally in your browser.

Actual result:

  • Your web browser displays the “Cannot proxy to“ error and the console displays an error like:


NodeJS cannot resolve the hostname of your Adobe Commerce store.


  1. Make sure your Adobe Commerce store loads in more than one web browser.
  2. If you are running a local DNS server or VPN, add an entry to your hostfile (located in /etc/hosts) and manually map this domain (Generic instructions on hostfile editing) so NodeJS can resolve it.