Enable and enforce keyword taxonomy

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Grant access to the keyword taxonomy
  • Enforce use of the keyword taxonomy
  • Understand when Workfront DAM users can enter their own keywords
  • Set up search facets
Well, let’s go ahead and take it to the next step. Because the taxonomy has been created, but now we need to make it available for people to use. And we also have to decide, are they going to be able to enter things, keywords, manually. Can they only choose from the taxonomy or can they do a combination of the two? And to do that, we need to go back into our system setting section here on the menu on the left, and go into preferences.
And then we’re going to scroll down using the scroll wheel. or the bar, 'cause the mouse doesn’t work very well. We’re going to find the asset section.
And there’s two taxonomy options here that we need to take a look at.
Okay? And they’re right here.
First of all, enable the keyword taxonomy. So checking this is basically going to let people use the taxonomy. If I uncheck it, the taxonomy exists, but nobody’s going to be able to get to it. None of our users can use it. It’s not going to show up when they look at assets. So if you want 'em to be able to use that taxonomy that you spent so much time creating, make sure that box is checked.
Now, the second option is to enforce the keyword taxonomy.
So the way that the settings are right now I have the keyword taxonomy enabled, but it’s not enforced. So what that means is that users are going to be able to use the keyword taxonomy, but they’re also going to be able to type in their own keywords. Just like I was doing at the beginning of this session.
Okay? But there’s some organizations that are going to say, nope, nobody’s typing in keywords. They have to pick from that taxonomy list. In that case, you need to enforce the keyword taxonomy. So what that’ll do is it’ll not allow them to type in their own keywords. They’re going to have to pick them from the list. Let me show you what that looks like. So I’ve made little changes there. I need to make sure I save that preference. Okay? And let’s head back into the assets area here.
Let’s go to Seattle this time.
Okay? Oops, I need to refresh. One thing I have discovered is anytime you make a system setting a good refresh is a good idea. Okay, that works now. Okay, so here under the keywords, you can see I still have that area where all of my keywords are entered. But I can’t click on that field. I know you can’t see me, you can’t hear me, but I am frantically trying to click into that keyword field to be able to type something in. And I can’t, okay? The only way that I’m going to be able to add keywords is if I come in here through my taxonomy, and select what I need.
Okay? And don’t forget to save your changes.
Now, if the asset imported with keywords, or there were keywords already there before you enforce the taxonomy, they’re going to stay okay? But once you’ve got that taxonomy enforced the only way you’re going to be able to do that, add keywords, is through the pick list.
Okay? You can have of course remove any of 'em. Okay? But if I remove Washington I’m not going to be able to add it back in, because it’s not on my taxonomy list.
Well, let’s go back into our system setups, and look at our final couple options here under the metadata scheme of setups. Okay? So we’ve done X and P, we’ve done EXIF, and we’ve done keywords. The last thing we’re going to look at are facets. And in fact, to do this I am going to pop over here to our brand portal to show you exactly what these facets are.
Okay? Now, you know, in Workfront Dam searching’s pretty easy. You can type in keywords, you can even make more advanced searches.
But when you go into the brand portal which is kind of that view only section of Workfront Dam you get these other options here to help you search, okay? And they’re just basically check boxes based on things you’ve looked at and that type of thing. Okay? Well, what our facets setup that we’re going to do is it’s going to determine which of these options we want to be able to show up here in this left sidebar to help us with our searching. Okay? And we’re going to be able to set the order. So you can see, you can see here that I have an internet problem. Let me reload that. Sorry about that.
Okay. So you can see we’ve got file type, we’ve got keywords and that corresponds with the facets that we have here.
Okay? And just like you can with your other metadata fields you can reorder them with the drag and the drop. Okay? Maybe we want to move the byline up here too. We can add additional facet fields, or we can take some of the ones away that we don’t need. Okay? Whatever you do, just remember to hit that save changes button when you’re done to lock those changes in.