Add and manage team members for a board

Learn how to add and remove individuals and teams to a board so they can access board information.

In this video you’ll learn how to add members to a board, either individually or as a team, and remove members so they no longer have access to the board. By default, when a new board is created, the person who created it is automatically added and has access. Until other members are added, only the board creator can see it. That’s useful if you’re using the board as a rough work area just for yourself, to track ideas for work, track personal work, or see what you have to do. However, if this is for a team, you’ll need to add each member to the board for them to see it, use it, and be assigned to cards in the board. You can add members to a board either individually or from a predetermined team. Those users must have at least a request license in order to access the board. To add people, click the add member icon. In the field provided, enter the name of the person or team you would like to give access to the board. Click on the name of either the person or team and they will be added to the members list. If you added a team, only the team name will show, but anyone part of that team will now have access to the board. When done, click out of the box. You’ll see the individual and or team avatars showing next to the add member icon. Now let’s say a member of the team gets a position with a different department or leaves the company and should no longer have access to the board. You can remove them as a member of the board by clicking the X next to their name in the members list.