Workfront Fusion training overview

Each Workfront Fusion section contains multiple tutorials, with each tutorial presenting concepts you’ll need to understand before progressing to the next tutorial. A walkthrough exercise helps you master most concepts.

The videos show you how to complete each walkthrough exercise, which usually results in creating a new Workfront Fusion scenario. Then you can complete the exercise in your own Workfront Fusion environment, adding to your own collection of scenarios.

In some tutorials, you’ll create a new scenario from scratch. In other tutorials, you will start by making a copy of a scenario you created previously.

Be sure to complete each tutorial in sequence so you have the right scenarios available when you need to make a copy.

Training resources and accessing Workfront Fusion

Request a Workfront test drive

To complete the exercises in the Workfront Fusion learning paths, you will need a Workfront test drive. If you already have a test drive, we recommend a new one for this training.

Request a practice environment by filling out this form. If you’re unable to access the form, send your name, email address, and company name to

Access Workfront Fusion for practice

Workfront does not offer Workfront Fusion test drives. To practice as you complete the tutorials, request access to Workfront Fusion from your organization’s Workfront Fusion administrator.

Step-by-step instructions on completing the walkthrough exercises

There are step-by-step instructions on completing the walkthrough exercises. You can access these from the left navigation bar under Fusion > Exercises, or use the link provided at the bottom of a walkthrough tutorial.

Optional practices exercises

Practices exercises and challenges are provided following some of the walkthrough exercises.

There are a number of different ways to solve the practices exercises. The intent is to challenge you to try to accomplish a scenario objective without having steps to follow or the “right answer” because this is what you will need to do when building a scenario at your company.

The practice exercise is related to the walkthrough activity.

The challenges are for those who want to try something that involves other concepts they’ve learned.

How to get help

The step-by-step instructions are provided to help you get through the walkthrough exercises.

There is also a Workfront Fusion 2.0 community where you can post questions.