Add and edit column settings on a board

Learn how to add and edit columns settings in a board.

Bards were created to be an easy visual representation of the work that’s going on. It gives you the flexibility to move and adjust that work where and when it’s needed. That might mean you want to make and update things manually. However, there are settings you can select that allow for some automation to make your team’s process smoother as work is updated and cards are moved. In this video you’ll learn where and how to add column settings to allow for automation and how to edit those settings if the process or board configuration changes. Each column has its own settings, which allow you to be specific and strategic about the work being done on the board. For instance, let’s say you’ve structured your columns based on status, and when a card is moved from in progress to completed, you would like the system to automatically change that status for that card instead of having to edit it manually. A column setting will allow that to happen. You just have to make sure the column has that setting added. To add a column setting, click on the More menu in the column and select Edit. This will bring up settings. From the column settings, you’ll toggle on Update Field Values Automatically, check the box next to Status, and then determine what status the card should go into if it’s moved to that column. Once a status is selected, additional information appears to show what the status equates to for both the task and issue objects. If either needs to be a different status, click on the Edit icon and make changes where needed. Then scroll to the top of the column settings area and click Close. You can do the same thing for the other options available depending on how your boards are set up and your process needs. You can also have multiple column settings selected if needed. For example, let’s say when a card is moved to the completed column, that status should change to Complete and then be assigned to Zoe for the work to be officially published as part of the process. In that case, check the boxes next to both Status and Assign E, make the desired selections, and click Close. This way any card that is moved into the Complete column is automatically marked as completed and is assigned to Zoe. You can of course edit those settings at any point or turn them off altogether. Just remember to make sure that any adjustments made to column settings make sense based on how the board is structured. Boards have flexibility and allow you the control you need when working with your team. And with column settings, you can make things a little easier.