Understand Brand Connect as a user

Brand Connect is part of Workfront DAM, a digital asset management (DAM) solution made to manage, control, and publish your marketing, creative, professional services, and other assets. Use Workfront to create asset requests and then manage the production and review of assets. Curate, store, and distribute completed and approved assets using Workfront DAM. Publish assets to Brand Connect to make sure the right message is available to the right audience, where and how they need it.

In this video, you will learn:

  • What is Workfront DAM and Brand Connect
  • How Brand Connect is used
Welcome again, my name is Allison, and today we’re doing the Workfront DAM Brand Connect User Training. So what is Workfront DAM? Well, DAM actually stands for Digital Asset Management. So Workfront DAM, which is powered by Web DAM, is a digital asset management system. And it does integrate with Workfront, but we’re not going to cover any of that today. That’s a whole separate thing, and you’re going to work with your consultant on that integration. But with Workfront DAM users, your company can create you can manage, you can distribute your assets.
Now there’s two parts to Workfront DAM, okay? The first part is what I call Workfront DAM itself. It’s the part of the software where people are going to go in, maybe it’s a creative team, maybe it’s asset managers, and they’re going to be uploading the assets, they’re going to be tagging them with keywords, adding metadata, organizing things into folders okay? What they’re going to do once all of that is done is they’re going to publish those assets, so that they’re visible in the Brand Connect window. And that’s what we’re going to be looking at today is that Brand Connect window.
So what are you going to do here? I mean, obviously we’re going to find our assets, but the Brand Connect, using the Workfront DAM and Brand Connect is nice, because it puts all of your assets in one place and you know that if you’re finding them in the Brand Connect, that they are approved assets.
We have customers use the Brand Connect in various ways. I have one customer that their creative team uses the Brand Connect to find the assets that have already been approved. So they had things like headshots of the corporate people, pictures of all the different buildings in the corporations, consent forms for the customer photos that they had taken. And if it was in Brand Connect, then their creative team could use the items.
We have other customers that use Brand Connect to publish their finished items, either to internal teams or maybe out to vendors or customers because you can control who sees what. All of that, the permissions and all that kind of stuff is covered in our Brand Connect classes, our system admin classes. So like I said, today, we’re just going to focus on the end user part of it, okay? We’re going to be able to download things from here. So when we find all those pretty flower pictures to put into our Garden Show brochure, we’ll be able to get 'em out of Brand Connect, work with 'em in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Word, whatever we’re working in.
Just a little bit of trivia knowledge for you here.
I found a statistic that said that creative team members look for files 83 times a week.
And 35% of the time, they fail to find what they’re looking for.
But once they start putting their assets in a DAM, that figure of when they fail to find something drops from 35% to 5% okay? Another statistic that I thought was interesting, $8,200 is spent annually per person on file management activities. So DAM’s going to bring down that number of times you fail to find what you’re looking for. DAM is going to mean you’re spending less time looking for things and bring that cost down a little bit too. -