Set up task revenue & cost defaults

The revenue type and cost type are used to calculate the planned and actual financial information for a task. Default information for each of these can be set system-wide, so it applies to each new task created. The information can be changed on individual projects or set on project templates.

Five default revenue types are available:

  • Not Billable
  • User Hourly
  • Role Hourly
  • Fixed Hourly
  • Fixed Revenue

And four default cost types are available:

  • No Cost
  • Fixed Hourly
  • User Hourly
  • Role Hourly
When the revenue or cost types are set to Not Billable or No Cost, then revenue and cost estimates are not generated for the task. Therefore, work on the task does not contribute to project-level revenue or costs.

Set revenue and cost defaults

Select Setup from the main menu.

  1. Click Project Preferences in the left panel menu.
  2. Then click Tasks & Issues.
  3. In the New Task Default section, select the desired Revenue Type and Cost Type.
  4. Click Save when done.

An image of setting up revenue and cost defaults