Understand financial access

If your organization is capturing any financial data with Workfront, as the system administrator, it is your responsibility to protect and manage who has access to view and edit that information.

Two things are necessary in order for a user to view or edit financial information:

  1. Access rights must be enabled in the Access Level.
  2. Permission to use those access rights must be granted on an object by object basis.

For instance, a user may be granted rights to view financial data in their access level, but they can only view financial data on a task that is both shared with them and financial viewing is enabled in the sharing of that task.

So it is possible for a user with Access Level rights to view financials to be able to view financials on some objects and not others, depending on the individual sharing options of those objects. However no user can view financials on any object unless they have the right given to them in their Access Level.

Access Level settings

Overall access to financial data is granted first by Workfront license type.

Plan licenses can:

  • Manage billing records
  • Manage and view role billing and cost rates
  • Manage and view user billing and cost rates
  • Manage expenses
  • View and edit finances

Work licenses can:

  • Manage expenses
  • View finances

Review licenses can:

  • View finances

Permissions can be modified by the Access Level. The three options for financial data access are:

  • No Access β€” User will not be able to see financial information.
  • View β€” User can review and share the information.
  • Edit β€” User can create, edit, delete, and share the information. (Only available for a Plan license.)

An image showing general Financial Data options in an access level

It’s important to note that the View and Edit options have additional settings for a Plan license. Click the gear on the View button for these options:


  • View Role Billing & Cost Rates
  • View User Billing & Cost Rates

An image showing Financial Data view options in an access level


Those two options are available under the Edit option, along with:

  • Edit Role Billing & Cost Rates
  • Edit User Billing & Cost Rates

An image showing Financial Data edit options in an access level

A user with access to add expenses can also view the expenses they add, as well as expenses added by their direct reports.