Combine multiple files into a single proof

Combining multiple files into a single proof can oftentimes make the proofing process more streamlined.

The “combine” option is helpful when individual files are related or part of a whole deliverable and all the files need to be reviewed by the same people by the same deadline.

For example, the creative team designed a booklet. Four designers produced the pages and saved them as individual PDFs. If each designer uploaded these as individual proofs, reviewers would have four separate proofs to review. In addition, it would be harder to make sure the pieces of the booklet fit together.

Solution—have one person upload all the PDFs and combine them into a single proof on upload. This allows reviewers to see the booklet as a whole, instead of disconnected parts.

To combine proofs:

  1. Open the Documents section of the project, task, or issue the proof should be attached to.
  2. Drag and drop the files into the upload area or browse to them. Workfront supports combining up to 50 files.
  3. Toggle on the option for Combine all compatible files into a single proof.
  4. Enter a name for the combined proof. This is required.
  5. If desired, you can change the order the files will be combined with a drag and drop in the upload list.
  6. Add proof recipients, set a deadline, etc.
  7. Click Create Proof to complete the upload.

An image of the New proof window with the uploaded files list and Single proof sections highlighted.

Once the proof is uploaded, you’ll see it as a ZIP file in the Documents tab.

Nothing else is required to view the combined file. Just click Open Proof like usual and the proof opens into the proof viewer.

An image of the proof viewer with a multi-page proof visible.

What about combining video files?

Sorry, combining files is not possible when Rich Media files such as videos, animations and interactive URLs are in your list.

An image of error message explaining you cannot combine video files.

Your turn

Don’t forget to remind your co-workers you’re sending them a proof as part of your Workfront training.

Find three or four files (PDF, text file, etc.) on your computer.

  1. Open a project, task, or issue that you’re using for hands-on practice in Workfront.
  2. Upload the files, combining them into a single proof.
  3. Adjust the order of the files by moving the last one in the list to be the first in the list.
  4. Assign the workflow of your choice (basic or automated) and complete the upload.