Update and review finances

If your organization uses Workfront to keep track of project-related financial information, reviewing expenses and creating billing records may be part of your process for closing out a project.

Many Workfront customers handle their expenses and project financials in a third-party system, rather than in Workfront. So you may have different processes or guidelines for updating and reviewing financial information before you close out a project.


Expenses can be logged on individual tasks or the project itself. Regardless of what item the expense is logged on, you can view all expenses in the Expenses section of the project itself.

Expenses section of a project

Billing records

Billing records are used in Workfront to gather billable hours, billable expenses, billable revenues, and additional billable amounts into a single record and amount. Oftentimes, these are exported from Workfront into a third-party invoicing or accounting system.

You must have access to financial data in Workfront in order to create and view billing records.

Financial details

A glance at the Finance information in the Project Details lets you see actual numbers for benefit, revenue, and cost.

Finances section of Project Details window on a project

Most of the financial information in the Project Details is set up during the creation of the project, and the numbers you see here are based on that information. So as you’re closing a project, there really isn’t anything you need to update or add in the financial details.