Track overall project progress

The header at the top of a project lets you see the overall project status and health with just a glance.

Project header showing Percent Complete

The Percent Complete is based on the overall progress of the tasks in the project. The number is most accurate when team members change the status of their assigned tasks and indicate a percent complete.

A global system setting affects how the project’s percent complete is calculated, based either on durations or planned hours of the tasks.

The project Condition is referred to as the “health of the project schedule.” There are a number of things that factor into how condition is calculated. Workfront looks at the Planned Completion Date and the Projected Completion Date, as well as the critical path, to calculate if the project is On Time, At Risk, or In Trouble.

Project header showing Condition

Whether the project condition is set automatically by Workfront or manually by someone with manage rights to the project is controlled by the Condition Type setting in the Overview section of the Project Details page.