Find projects

In this video, you will learn some quick and easy ways to find projects.

Most work front instances have a lot of projects. Here are some quick ways to find the project you want and make it easier to find the next time. First, we’ll go to the projects page. Here’s a list of the projects that you have the rights to see. If we clear the filters, you can see them all apply one or more filters to narrow the list. Next, we can use a search. Choose projects to confine your search to project names, descriptions and custom data fields. Click on Advanced Search for more options. With projects selected, you can search within all the project fields. Once you’ve opened the project, it will show up on your Recents list. Here you’ll see the five most recent projects viewed. You can expand it up to the 20 most recent. If you want to keep a project close by while you’re working on it. There are a couple of options. One is to make it a favorite. Just click the star to add it to your favorites. Click it again to remove it. Favorites don’t roll off like reasons they stay favorites until you remove them. You can also pin a project. These also remain until you remove them, which you can do. Like this. Another popular way to make all projects you’re dealing with always within reach is with custom reports and dashboards.