Access previous versions exercise

Learn how to return to a previous version of a scenario.

Exercise overview

Discover how you can restore previous versions after you’ve made changes to a scenario and saved it multiple times.

Access Previous Versions Image 1

Steps to follow

  1. Clone your Using the mighty filter scenario and name it “Accessing previous versions.”

  2. Add a Set variable module after the Create Workfront projects module. Name the variable “Test.”

  3. Drag it to a new position and save the scenario.

    Access Previous Versions Image 2

  4. Add a Repeater module, unlink it from the previous module, and save the scenario again.

    Access Previous Versions Image 3

  5. Now delete all of your modules and save.

  6. In the toolbar, click the three-dot menu and click the Previous Versions option. The picklist shows the date and time stamps for each version saved.

    Access Previous Versions Image 4

  7. Choose a previous version and notice how the scenario in the designer returns to where you saved.