Customize the look of Brand Connect

In this video, you will learn:

  • What Brand Connect is used for
  • How to access Brand Connect setups in Workfront DAM
So, let’s first, before I even really get into this, let’s talk a little bit about what is the Brand Portal. Okay, what is the Brand Portal? So, the Brand Portal is a part of the Workfront DAM.
And it’s accessible to users in a group that’s been assigned to the Brand Portal role type. So as long as they have that role type, then they can have access to the DAM, or the Brand Portal. And it’s quite possible that most of your users in the tool are going to be these Brand Portal users. So I’m going to go ahead and log in here really quick.
And I want to show you just our Brand Portal, the one that we’ve created here for the training purposes for these classes. So once you’re in the DAM, you can actually access the Brand Portal by clicking on this little link right here next to where it says Workfront DAM. And I just want to open this up just so you guys can see it.
So, in some cases, as we wait for this to load up, there we go, assets are going to be available in the Brand Portal that have been approved by someone for distribution to a larger group. This is what we’re going to be really be putting in here. Things like final products, brochures, ads, white papers. Just really anything that you want your users to see here. So, these are again, the final products. Now, the bits and pieces that make up these final products are going to be found in the DAM, in the Workfront Dam proper, not necessarily here in the Brand Portal. And they’re not, certainly not going to be accessible by Brand Portal users. So, things that we can do here is things like we can search for assets, we can make light box collections, we can download, and we can share all from the Brand Portal. So if you want to share, you can click on your assets right here, and you can search by typing a keyword. You can select keywords and see what’s been published and what hasn’t, and things that you can look for. So this is where we can search.
So, if here’s like, a corporate assets folder. So, if we wanted to just click on the folder, you can see like fonts and headshot and logos. There just some information that can be found here in our Brand Portal. And this is going to be kind of the look and feel of this. So when you click right here where it says the front WebDAM, again, it takes you back to your homepage. You can see we can create different types of boxes. We’ll get into this a little bit later, but that can scroll through images that have been saved and used here. Here we have just a different options you can see when you click on this explore. So, we’ll click on that, and it’ll take us into these different options, the different assets that are a part of that light box that we created right there.
And this last one over here is this is just a text box right here. It just says this is text. This is the spot. That’s just something that we threw in there just because.
All right, so again, the Brand Portal is going to be what most of your users are going to have access to. They can again, download things, they can share assets, and this is where they’re going to be spending most of their time. Now, I’ll get here, back into this in just a little bit. But what I want to do is jump back here into the Workfront DAM, because here in the Workfront DAM as a system administrators is where you’re going to be doing most of the setup and how we can, how we can use the portal.
So what we’re going to do is here, our DAM proper is I guess is what we’re going to call it, I’m going to come over here to the far right hand side and I’m going to click on my settings icon. So, we’re going to click on that. I’m going to select right here it says Brand Connect.
Brand Connect is what is used to actually set up the Brand Portal. I’m going to select that.
And this is the area that will show all of your Brand Portals. Now, all DAM instances, so all Workfront DAM that you that you’ve purchased come with one Brand Portal. By default, you get one. Now, your organization may have purchased extras. You may have more than one, and that’s perfectly fine. Just know that each Brand Portal has to be set up separately.
You have to set this up separately. By hovering over where it says Allison’s Brand Connect Portal, so you can see we can hover over this, and it opens up a few options for us, like view.
This will actually open up the Brand Portal. Notify will allow you to send a message to everyone who has access to view the portal. So, if you’re to click notify, you can say to so and so, and then put in your message, and then you can send that out. So it’s going to be notified. The disabled button is, this will say disable or enable, depending on what you’ve chosen already. But this is a quick way to shut down the Brand Portal.
It will, when you shut it down, it will redirect users to the DAM.
And if you don’t have DAM access, you just get a login page.
And then lastly, you’ll have edit. This is where we, this is where we set it up. This is where we make the changes. Or, if you want to, you can actually just click on the icon right here.
Also, down here at the bottom is where we can rename the Brand Portal. So, you’ll see it says Allison’s Brand Connect Portal, and you’ll see right there Allison’s Brand Connect Portal. So, this is where we name our Brand Portal. -