Upload a proof with an automated workflow

In this video, you will learn:

  • When an automated proof workflow could be used
  • How to apply a workflow using a proof template
  • How to set up an automated workflow from scratch

Additional proof workflow settings

The settings at the bottom of the proof upload window are optional, so check with your organization to see if and how you’re using them.

An image of the New Proof window with the Stage settings highlighted.

  • Lock stage — This prevents the people in this workflow stage from making comments or changing decisions after their stage of the workflow is complete.
  • Transfer primary decision rights to — Speed up the proofing process by designating a primary decision maker. When set, Workfront recognizes the proof decision by this person as THE decision. Once that person makes their decision, the stage is over and no other decisions are needed.
  • Require only one decision for this stage — Another way to streamline the proofing process is to require only one decision on the proof. With this turned on, no matter how many approvers you have in that stage, once any of them makes a decision, that stage is complete.
  • Make this stage private — By default, comments on proof are visible to everyone in all stages. Prevent proof recipients in other stages from seeing comments made during this stage by clicking the box.

At the bottom of the proof upload window are several proof settings that affect the security of your proof, such as requiring a login to view the proof.

An image of the Proof settings section of the proof upload window.

Why are you on the proof workflow?

You’ll notice that you’re on the list of proof recipients because you’re the one uploading the proof. This also makes you the proof owner, which gives you edit rights over the proof, allowing you to change the workflow setups or upload a new version, among other things.

An image of the proof upload window with the proof owner highlighted in the list of recipients.

If you’re just uploading the proof but someone else will be managing the workflow, you can change the proof owner by clicking the Owner link and entering their name. This is recommended if someone other than the original uploader will be uploading a version.

Your turn

Don’t forget to remind your co-workers you’re sending them a proof as part of your Workfront training.

Upload a proof with an advanced workflow. If your organization already has proof templates set up, select the one that’s used by your team then make a few adjustments.

  • Adjust the email alerts so no one gets notified when activity happens on the proof.
  • The first stage should have 2 reviewers/approvers.
  • The second stage should have only 1 reviewer/approver.

If your organization doesn’t have proof templates created yet, set up a 2-stage workflow from scratch.

  • Assign yourself and your favorite co-worker to the first stage.
  • Make the deadline for the first stage 1 day from when the proof is created.
  • Assign another favorite co-worker to the second stage.
  • Make the stage kick off when the first stage’s deadline has passed.
  • Give the person in this stage 2 days to complete the review, but it has to be done by noon.