Log in as another user

One feature Workfront administrators find helpful as they set up the user experience is the Log In As feature. This function, in the Setup area, allows you to log in as another user without having to log out of your own account.

Log In As page in Setup area

Benefits of Log In As

This feature is useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Administrators can preview layout templates assigned to users to ensure the menu items or dashboards display properly.
  • It’s helpful during workflow testing, to ensure a user’s permissions are set up correctly.
  • Administrators can even use this feature to mark a task complete or make an approval for someone who is unable to.

Access Log In As

  1. Select Setup from the Main Menu.
  2. Click Log In As in the left panel.
  3. Enter the user’s name that you need to log in as.

Access Log tab on Log In As page

Once you are logged in, a notification at the top of the screen indicates who you are logged in as.

Currently logged in as message at top of Workfront window

Updates tab tracks activity

When an administrator logged in as another user and made changes/updates on that user’s behalf, the changes are seen in the Updates area for that specific item. The example below shows Joan Harris changed a due date on Roy Campbell’s behalf.

Updates section