Create groups and subgroups

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Use groups
  • Add a group
  • Associate a group
  • Create and associate subgroups

Group administrators

When you’re the system administrator for a large company or one that has a lot of Workfront users, maintaining Workfront settings for each group and subgroup can be time consuming.

Appointing group administrators who can perform some administrative functions for their own groups in Workfront helps balance the load when it comes to updating and maintaining the system.

Group administrators tend to be more in tune with the daily challenges of their group, so they can manage the group’s needs. That allows you, as the system administrator, to focus on the Workfront configurations that benefit your organization as a whole.

Some of the things group administrators can do in Workfront include:

  • Create subgroups and add users to the subgroups.
  • Create layout templates for their group.
  • Create approval processes for the group.
  • Create group-level workflow statuses.
  • Access projects, programs, and portfolios associated with the group from the group page.
  • Manage group-level project, task, and issue preferences.
  • Manage group-level timesheet preferences.
  • Manage group-level event notifications.
  • Log in as other group members.
  • Assign a business leader to the group.
  • Manage a company.

As a system or group administrator, you can create subgroups within the groups and subgroups you administer. Those subgroups can be assigned their own group administrators.

Note: There is a limit of 14 levels of subgroups under one group.