Understand downloading and sharing as a user

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Share a lightbox with Brand Connect users or outside stakeholders
  • Download single or multiple assets
Well, the next section that we’re going to look at is actually chapter four in the course manual. It is called Sharing Assets. But honestly, we’ve already talked about this in a couple different places. So let’s go back to our light box. Let’s go to a different light box this time. Let’s see what’s in this one. Okay, well, more Seattle pictures, okay.
And share it again here. We’ve already talked about this but let’s just take one more look at it okay? Email a link. This will send somebody an email that has a link that they can go in and see the slide box, okay? This is what you’re going to want to use for somebody who is a Workfront DAM user, okay? Email download is going to email them a page outside of Workfront DAM where they can download the assets if they need to. Again, don’t forget to set that expiration date. Don’t want it to be open-ended for 'em. Okay, and then of course, the FTP option. Okay. If I select a multiple assets here, just from this light box you’ll notice that I can download them, okay? So if I just hit that download option, it will say, okay here’s your three assets that you want to download, what size do you want them? Okay don’t forget, we’ve got these preset sizes in here that are set up by our system admin. And then we can hit submit. Now while things are being downloaded, especially multiple items, okay? You can, it’s going to process them, pull 'em out of the system. It’s actually going to put 'em into a zip file. Okay, so while all of that is being done, you’re going to get this little dialogue box here to look at. If you want to continue working, you can go ahead and hit close and you will actually get an email letting you know that your download is ready. Okay, now I’m going to sit here and watch this because this is not actually my email address, so otherwise I won’t get a notification. But sometimes it takes a while, sometimes it happens right away. But I see another question from Nira here so let’s see. Can you limit the number of assets a person can download from the sharing? I have not come across a way to limit the number of assets somebody can download. If you want to limit what they can download, put them into the light box, share the light box with them and limit them to those certain ones. That way, generally, in that case they probably wouldn’t have a login at all. But when it comes to just saying, oh you can only download three things a month or three things a week, there’s not a way to do that. Okay so my download is ready for me to go, okay. I can download these individually if I want to or if I just select the download available it’ll put 'em into a zip file for me. As you can see right there, it’s creating it for me, okay. When I’ve got that downloaded you can go ahead and hit close.
If I want to, or download just an individual item, I can do it from right here. Okay and it will just download that item, again, maybe I have to pick the preset like that.
And of course, from the asset details page, I’ve got the download. Okay, any place you see that little download icon, you can download something. We talked about watching a light box earlier, which is, we’re in that across the USA light box but we can also watch individual assets too. So let’s go ahead and close this light box out.
Oops, got weird stuff going on here. Okay. So if I want to watch this particular asset, see if any comments get made on it I can do that through the details page, okay.
Like I said, there’s multiple places in Workfront DAM that you can do things. So if you don’t see the icon you need just by hovering over it, open something up, add it to the light box, check one of the menus, okay? Even right here, I can select an asset. There’s a watch icon right there, so I don’t need need to even open it up, okay? There’s an add to light box button there. There’s one there. So again, multiple, multiple ways to do things. -