Complete approvals

Task and issue approvals are a part of many workflows. But unresolved approvals will prevent you from setting the project status to Complete.

On the Task section of your project, select a View that includes the Status column. A quick glance down that column will show if there’s an incomplete approval on a task with the “- Pending Approval” after the name of the status.

Project showing incomplete approval

You have a few choices of what to do:

  • Complete the approval — This may mean reminding others of the outstanding approval. You can see who is assigned as an approver by opening the task and clicking on the Approvals tab.
  • Remove the approval — If the approval isn’t needed, it might be easier to just delete it. Your ability to do this depends on your Workfront permissions.
  • Change the status — If the approval isn’t needed, you could select a status that doesn’t have an approval attached. Just be sure the status equates to Complete.

Project showing task approvers

If your organization uses issues to track problems, change orders, or other events during projects, follow the same steps on the Issues section of your project.